Wednesday, May 23, 2012


IDW Publishing's collection of our Comic Book Comics series, the slightly-more-explicitly-titled Comic Book History of Comics, hits comics shops today. It sports an introduction by The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon, two new pages, an expanded Legalese section, full Notes on Sources, and is generally revised and corrected and wonderful. It's something we're very proud of, so head on over to your LCS and pick it up.


Creegs said...

This book is a MUST HAVE for any serious Comic Fan. It sits proudly on my shelf amidst my reference encyclopedias from the big companies, my assorted collected fanzines, my best graphic novels and several 'authentic' references. If you have seen the work of this duo before, you know the level of detail and exacting standards they hold themselves to. This book DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! It is a valuable guide to the 'real' history of comic books, serving its purpose as well or better than the army manuals we still use today to teach safety, (read it and you'll know) but i digress.

4.5 of 5 stars. If i had one caveat, it would be some recurring panels that add a sense of laziness to this collected work. (Though i hadnt noticed reading the originals)

Great Work guys. What's Next?

Creegs said...

I wrote a glowing review, had to sign into my google account to post it, and lost it.

a quick summary.
4.5/5 stars
on my serious heavyweight shelf with other reference materials
Masterful crafting, detailed research