Thursday, April 07, 2011

This and That


Comic Book Comics issues 1 and 2, long out-of-print from Evil Twin, are now available from IndyPlanet. These are special Print-On-Demand editions that we have been selling at conventions now available for purchase over the intertubes. They're exactly the same material as the originals minus the 8 pages of non-comics back matter. And as always all Evil Twin back issues are available digitally from our buddies at Comixology for reading on your PC or mobile device of choice - either way is a great way to catch up on the series before the final issue is released in June!

Stuperpowers is now a tumblr blog. Late night inspiration struck, transforming the 1997 role-playing game Fred and Ryan co-created with Steve Ellis, Jamal Igle, Lauren Rabinowitz and Stew Noack into yet another much-needed internet time-suck. There's a Stuperpowers twitter account too. New posts appear twice daily. Enjoy!

New items in the store: Comic Book Comics #5 and Tommy Atomic #0.

The response to Fred's "Talking with Comics Pirates" has been HUGE! There is still time to post your anonymous response, so do it!


elijahjoon said...

If this is really Fred Van Lente's blog, that's cool. He even uses blogspot LOL

Hey, what happened to the Herc/Amadaeus Cho stories you were writing with Greg Pak? Did they stop prematurely? Is Amadaeus dead now or what?

Ryan Dunlavey said...

Amadeus - which ninja turtle is he again?