Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A real-live Action Philosopher: Plato Meramec!

Non-fiction comic books meet their live action in-ring fictional counterpart! Plato Meramec is an amateur wrestler with the in-ring persona of - you guessed it - Plato! Seeing as how we've adopted Plato as the defacto Action Philosophers mascot we were pretty excited to find out that he had a real-life modern-day counterpart when Mr Meramec got in touch with us earlier this year. This modern-day Plato (not his real name) was a student of philosophy himself, he coincidentally developed Plato as a wresting character just like we did with our comics, based on the philosopher's past career as a wrestler. Makes sense to us! We're more than happy to grant Plato Meramec the official Evil Twin Comics seal of approval, as seen here.