Thursday, July 17, 2008

Treasure map to Evil Twin Comics @ San Diego Comic-Con 2008

Evil Twin Comics San Diego Comic-Con 2008 treasure map << Click to enlarge
Fred and Ryan will selling, signing, sketching and schmoosing all convention long at table M14 along with fellow Brooklyn-based comicker (and multiple Eisner nominee!) Fred Chao. Click here to download a full floor map and list of exhibitors. We can also confirm that in addition to this show being the world premiere of Comic Book Comics #2 Ryan will also have a brand new and long promised mini-comic for sale, details of which will be revealed very soon. Oh and did we forget to mention that HOLY SH*T THIS SHOW IS HUGE!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

COMIC BOOK COMICS #2 premieres at San Diego Comic-Con!

I know, I know: We're supposed to call it "Comic-Con International" now or just "Comic-Con," but so many people I meet these days say "Comic-Con" to mean the New York Comic Con. (Would you believe that all those people are New Yorkers?) So I need to call it this to keep myself from getting confused.

Anyway, Ryan and I are putting the final touches of Comic Book Comics #2 just in time to premiere it for the first time anywhere at that non-stop pan-geek-o-rama that will triple the population of San Diego from July 24 to July 27 this year. We will be at Booth #M14 in the Small Press Area, so c'mon by to say hi and check out our latest!
But why wait? Read one whole story from CBC #2, "OUR ARTISTS AT WAR" right here, right now on this very site! Aren't we swell?