Wednesday, September 05, 2007

AP #9: THE LIGHTNING ROUND goes on-sale 9/6!

We weren't sure about this until last night, when Fred appeared at NYC's live Comic Book Club (which was great fun, by the way -- thanks to Alex, Justin and Pete for having him to talk Super-Villain Team-Up), but at long last, the climactic issue of AP, #9: The Lightning Round hits comics stores this Thursday, September 6! (New comics come out on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week because of the Labor Day holiday.)
UPDATED! (x2) Our pals at Comic Book Resources did a great Action Philosophers Exit Interview with Fred and Ryan about this issue, with a preview of the issue too -- They posted the Fred interview here, and Ryan's pearls of wisdom can be found here!

UPDATED! (x3) We put this issue on sale here at the site starting now!